Why I'm the Best Chiropractor Near You.

Finding a chiropractor is a personal matter but also a lot of common sense things go into making the decision. Read on to find out my top 10 criteria to consider when choosing a chiropractor or any health care practitioner for that matter. Your health is incredibly important and having a team of practitioners you can trust and feel confident in is a great first step towards living a healthier life.

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Neck & Shoulder Pain: Through the Lens of Running

Runners often experience neck and shoulder pain. Without a precipitating traumatic event we must first assess our posture to see if that is contributing to this pain. Neck stretches, exercises and mobilizations are discussed as well as using tools such as lacrosse or tennis ball and a foam roller to help run pain free.

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Caitlin Redding
Defining How I Practice

Everyone is always asking who I treat as a chiropractor, do I have a specialty or niche. My gut reaction is to scream at them and say, “Everyone, I treat everyone!” But rather than scream at them I thought it would be helpful to define my treatment paradigm as well as emphasize that beyond athletes I help everyone move better, conquer aches and pains and become active roles in their own health and wellness.

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