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Functional Movement Workshop | Overview

•Together we will break down and assess 5 movement patterns
• You will get a score for each movement performed
• Take home exercises, stretches and strategies will be given

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• 60 minute small group session • Please show up on time
• Wear comfortable athletic clothing
• Be prepared to kick your shoes off



Challenge 1

Sitting Down. We do it everyday but it is also a complex everyday movement pattern that is often rife with error. We will progress from basic pelvic control and tilts to hip hinging before moving into squatting patterns and then into more difficult variations.

Challenge 2

Balance. Also known as proprioception and is a measure of just how well our body can interpret information from its surrounding environment and then react to it. We will dive into balance moves as well as some reactionary movement patterns to challenge our brains.

Challenge 3

Functional Line. We often find ourselves weight lifting or moving in just one direction, forward. But twisting and rotation is a part of life too and needs to be looked at to understand and uncover some of our more subtle compensation patterns we have developed over the years.

Challenge 4

Breathe. Yes breathing is a movement albeit subtle and one we don’t usually think about since the autonomic nervous system is usually behind its rhythmic cadence. However, unlocking and understanding the power of this movement will translate and then be a part of the rest of your movement patterns, particularly when creating new neuropathways.

Challenge 5

Animal Movements. Sometimes doing a movement so incredibly novel to yourself you learn something of your weakness and some of your compensations boasting as strengths. This will be a fun introduction into inchworms, bears and tiger crawls.


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This is a free 60 min. workshop that has been uniquely created by Dr. Caitlin Redding. It is a not a new patient visit and no individual exams, diagnosis or care will be provided. If you would like to schedule a new patient visit please click here.

Space is Limited

Please make sure to sign up as space is limited. If you need to reschedule for a different date or cancel please reach out so I can offer your space to someone new.